The research is possessed a problematic nature and is defined via experimental experience – laboratory / workshop environmental work. The premise of this undertaking is finding and developing an innovative system in order to find the support tools for, as well as modern ways of expression of interdisciplinary activities on the border between the following discipines: Fine Arts, Theater Arts, Musical Arts.

The topic develops through individual and group work in three synchronized lines of activity: ARTISTIC, RESEARCH and DIDACTIC. On the basis of INTUITION, INTERACTION, and IMPROVISATION the aforementioned areas influence each other.
To follow the idea and at the same time to accept what life brings. To swim on the waves relying on the tides and outflows.

The group is an enormity of experiences overlapping here and now. Realizations often function in a specific time. A lot is happening. Much depends on many. You need to juggle different skills, make quick decisions, want to learn, be open, watchful, active and with an understanding circle between yourself and others. You need to be resistant to difficulties but also give space in communication to expose them so that you can relieve tensions and transform these problematic situations.

Connection Cooperation Expression Resonance Synergy

Cooperation with Konrad Kocot and The Iyengar Yoga Association in Poland – 2021/2022

Cooperation with StudioLab / mammasONica, Italy – 2018

Solo Research – INTERMEDIA ORGANISM / ART SYNERGY – from 2011

The Organism is alive.
It strives to develop and looks for a dynamic balance.
It has solid structures but in vigilance
and openness exchanges data and flowing energy
with the environment and the place where it exists.
It synchronizes and resonates.

Cooperation with Studio Matejka, Wroclaw – 2013/2016

Work with leader Matej Matejka and international artists collaborating with Studio Matejka under Grotowski Institute was for me a great life adventure. Our similar vision of defining the creative path, sensitivity and openness in communication between used tools, created the common language of artistic expression. It was a crucial time. We conducted various cross-field activities. Within the scope of research and group works fit different final outcomes.