Intermedia Communication Studio
Faculty of Media Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

The Studio functions within methods, domains and intermedia events. It is a place of exploring, experimenting and researching topics within the scope of communication, intermedia, and the relations of all the aforementioned. The point of reference is the reality (contemporary reality), its interpretation and basic relations between humans. It is a place to reflect upon the word, image, sound, space, and being.
During Bachelor’s degree studies the context is 3m: MEDIUM, MESSAGE, MEDIATION.
During Master’s degree studies the context changes to 3t: TRANSGRESSION, TRANSFORMATION, TRANSMEDIA.

Intermedia Organism
dr Magdalena Janus
Course implies artistic leading in process. Author’s practice.
In the Studio, Intermedia Organism functions as a way which support group, team or individual realizations, including diploma works. In 2017, Intermedia Organism was officially integrated into the structure as one of the courses of the Intermedia Communication Studio for the second year of studies.

Artistic action with students is what I call artistic leading in process. I perform many roles here as a leader, mediator, mentor but I also try to become part of the group or team, where my function as a guide or a follower is dynamically changing. The work is conducted together with others. Thanks to this activity I introduced issues needed for understanding Synergy. At the same time, I could quickly understand students and provide them with what they needed at the right time.
This course is a didactic line of solutions on which I work within Art Synergy.

Bachelor degree

1. GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER – introduction
2. BORDERS AND INFINITY – a formed group/team exercise cycle from the domain of conscious presence, interpersonal communication, observation, as well as establishing relations and connections
We form a group and a safe space in which openness, honesty, responsibility, trust and acceptance are the basis. We experience authentic positive and negative emotions that are revealed inside of us through relationships with other people. We give each other support while crossing borders. We develop positive elements that connect us.
3. LABORATORY / WORKSHOP – expanding the knowledge about own subconscious, manual and digital action
We use the body as a carrier on which the emotions, expressions, songs and forms are stored. By creating graphic art, video-art, texts, noise compositions we learn to harness the basic elements of, so-far unknown, techniques and test the areas between them.
4. FINAL FORM – verification of the group’s experiences
We choose a topic and medium to reach the correct form of artistic expression. We set the relationship with the audience, the message, way of interaction and the method of exhibiting our work.

Intermedia Communication
prof. Krzysztof Olszewski, dr Magdalena Janus, mgr. Marek Maiński

The syllabus of Intermedia Communication assumes that apart from realizing given concepts or abandoning them, the students will also employ intuitive action, improvise in a way that leads into the direction of conscious creation. The students have to find and gather appropriate tools (manual and digital) with which they feel confident and which they want to employ. Moving from one medium to the other and looking at a medium through a different one answers a question about the context and relations that the students want to employ the chosen means of expression in.

Media art in a linguistic, technological, and aesthetic domain. Between art and humanistic sciences. Media attraction of the aforementioned type of art within the scope of perceiving, analysing, presenting and interpreting, as well as its relatability, contextuality and process, also for the purpose of critical reflection. We look for answers through linking of opposing elements (construction – deconstruction; defining – redefining). We overcome our own limitations. We experience difficult, sometimes intimate things. We experiment. We try to come closer to fleeting sensations that were never uttered. We find a different perspective of seeing and continue, lightly, trying not to destroy what we have already achieved. We delve consciously into the creative process until the final practical piece of work is finished.

Bachelor degree

Master degree

Outside The Programme