SOKi – Stanisław Ostoja Kotkowski intermedia / Scientyfic Circle
Intermedia Communication Studio
Faculty of Media Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw


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STRANGE GARDEN – site specific
National Museum in Warsaw, 2018

supervision, artistic leading in process: dr Magdalena Janus
artists: Dorota Nosowicz, Agata Przygodzka, Alicja Wolanin, Marta Żylska, Kamil Niedziałek
establishing cooperation: prof. Krzysztof Olszewski
coordination – National Museum in Warsaw: ad. Bożena Pysiewicz

Strange Garden is a poetic story which the artists create when the audience is already present. Words taken from titles of other works of art are a departure point for performative action. It is a chance to meet the place and stories written in objects and imagination. Words, unshackled from the titles of works of art combine together anew. The artists conduct a ritual, revealing more words of the story. They maintain alertness and synchronization. The audience is a witness to an event and has a chance to open themselves up to a game of inner projection and association.

We have chosen the site-specific form for a reason. It is through this artistic action that we direct the attention to the place and state institution that the National Museum in Warsaw is. The poem that was created by using the names of the paintings in the Galleries of 19th, 20th and 21st century was built intuitively. It opened us up to a magnificent projection of visualizations that were shaped in our heads. Going through all these events, stories, people, their traits, characters, poses, gestures throughout the ages… Poles’ Self-Portrait…

This poetic story became for me a snapshot of Poland in a mirror. he audience was reflected in the text by creating new meanings. Some people passed through, not giving to it any attention. Others read one after the other, entering the labyrinth of meanings and the counter-play between the light and dark that accompanied the viewer. The rest, respecting the work done, tried not to tread upon the letters, conducting an odd dance. In any case, the Strange Garden consumes each and every one. That labyrinth is where those of the past, as well as those of the present appear. We connect the different generations.

STRANGE GARDEN – work in progress

DIALOGUE / MAPPING – research 
National Museum in Warsaw, 2018
artists: Sylwia Karwowska, Hieronim Januszyk,
supervisor: dr Magdalena Janus
establishing cooperation: prof Krzysztof Olszewski
coordination – National Museum in Warsaw: ad. Bożena Pysiewicz

ENTRY / Roundtable