such was my beginning
stopped birth
lost directions
where is up?
where is down?
let it go
we all die anyway…

I trust this space
space in nudity
space in gentleness
space in helplessness
I open myself
something begins

I become sensitive and so fragile…
everything touches me
everything moves me
again it is like it was before
I let it happen
I missed so much of this sphere
I take off my armor
I am an adult child
let it go

I die and am born
again and again
I go back to being myself
more and more
deeper and deeper
I start to feel
passing through the stages of life
emotions mix
for my parents
for my brother
for finding my place in the generations
for what I now carry inside
for you
let it go, let it go

all is open
corridors, rooms, spaces
I thought that by keeping the air at the bottom …
it is not like that
I let go
I give back
I sacrifice
I take
I choose
I act
I change

in the naivety
in the sincerity
nothing endangers me
I am alive
I truly love this feeling
I become…