Forest base of the Grotowski Institute, Brzezinka, Poland, 2015

Leaders: Matej Matejka, Cecile da Costa, Alexandra Kazazou, Adam Hanuljak
Performers: Georgia Aliferi, Racha Baroud, Adriana Bobowska, Andrea Buckov, Agnieszka Ćwieląg, Saffet Durmus, Ali Haydar Çataltepe,Claire Huber, James Hogan, Didem Kiris, Aleksandra Kugacz, Seda Oguz, Sevtap Özaltun, Katerina Patsiani, Aytek Sayan, Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou, Gizem Tataroğlu, Salih Usta, Chester Wong
Music: Abed Kobeissy, Stelios Koupetoris, Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou
Intermedia, photography post processing, graphic design: meg janus

Liquid way to action opens a new area of activities for Studio Matejka. With a broader structure than before, additional camera work and live visuals, the realization both created space for unique experiences and lead to concrete artistic outcomes.
The participants explored the rigorous and experimental workspace that defines Studio Matejka. Through a laboratory model that seeks to break the borders between dance, dramatic theatre and other forms of performing arts, we aimed to unlock the potentiality of beginnings and places, where action was born.

Two scenes with Live Visuals in Nature. The effects of the work were used in the film NO MORE HERO.

Burning Grass