artistic leading in process, individual research, 2011/2018

And I only am – 2016/2017, team realization
Gloria Faron, Zuzanna Suska

first stage / gestures of the subconscious
I am a fox, a flame that walks on the water / I am spinning changeably indecision

second stage / inside and outside
Working with text, sound and image.

third stage / final realization

My Inner City – 2016/2017, group realization
Natalia Padzińska, Agata Przygodzka, Stanisław Klucznik, Wojciech Sys

first stage / inside & outside

second stage / word, image, noise as a base for a storytelling

Act of Connection– 2016/2017, group action
Gloria Faron, Jagoda Cendrowska, Piotr Filonowicz, Anna Gwiazda, Anna Łukasiewicz, Katarzyna Odrobińska, Ian Sielski, Zuzanna Suska, Alicja Wolanin, Anita Kwiatkowska, Magdalena Janus.

first stage / body communication tools

second stage / gestures of the subconscious, word, noise on the timeline

third stage / final realization – noise composition & common improvisation
performance and video art