THE FLOW. Communication in intermedia 
– interactive space
PhD in the discipline of Fine Arts, Faculty of Media Art and Stage Designe, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, 2011.

Promoter: prof. Krzysztof Olszewski – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Reviewers: prof. Piero Mottola – Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, dr Rafał Kochański – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Big thanks to prof. Krzysztof Olszewski, prof. Piero Mottola, dr. Rafał Kochański, mgr. Marek Maiński, Marta Teresa Szamburska, Anita Kwiatkowska, Paja and Martinez (Kogiel Mogiel), Grzegorz Góralski, Krzysztof Piłka, Dawid Zając.

The theory of intuitionism and the concept of élan vital of Henri Bergson fascinated me and became a confirmation of my chosen way. The inner space of the gallery becames work of art in a constat, floating flow. I spent there each day of the exhibition.
After two weeks in the gallery, work transformed into instalation Follow the Flow. The composition of woven network means neverending connections and QR codes are a library of data moments, the card index of live intermedia images.
Work THE FLOW is a summary of the experiences and observations pertaining to the changes in the functioning of people today. Sensory overload and time pressure push us constantly. What is the mechanisms of the modern world? What can helps us organize the excess sensations and emotion? I belive that we can find balance in between. Between art and science, nature and technology, past and future, spirituality and rationalism, internal and external, me and others.

The conclusion can be also a sentence summarizing the implementation and constituting a credo for for further exploration.
To find a balance in a constantly changing reality means to follow the flow, to be open, light and to draw in trust with every present moment with awareness that everything is connected.

some samples of QR codes