THE FLOW. Communication in intermedia. Images from the travel – interactive space
PhD in the discipline of Fine Arts, Faculty of Media Art and Stage Designe, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, 2011

Promoter: prof. Krzysztof Olszewski – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Reviewers: prof. Piero Mottola – Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, dr Rafał Kochański – Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Big thanks to prof. Krzysztof Olszewski, prof. Piero Mottola, dr. Rafał Kochański, mgr. Marek Maiński, Marta Teresa Szamburska, Anita Kwiatkowska, Paja and Martinez (Kogiel Mogiel), Grzegorz Góralski, Krzysztof Piłka, Dawid Zając.

The theory of intuitionism and the concept of élan vital of Henri Bergson fascinated me and became a confirmation of my chosen way. Rituals and different rhythms of the day caught me and I caught moving images and sounds from the process of creation. The capacity of stripes of the timeline was not big enough. Images’ matter changed its scale and character. The work evolved from intuitive choices, accumulated experience to specific applications. The result of independent thinking and technical experiments was the connection of the traditional and new media.

The inner space of the gallery became a work of art in a constant, floating flow. It was a chance for the audience to take part in creation. Entering the gallery, viewers became part of the whole because the cameras mounted in the gallery space transmitted the live image directly to the website of the project. The work evolved into the direction of performance and interactive interior design. I used all the data collected (graphics, photographs, collages, videos, sounds, noises, texts) on the first day of the project.

Important part of THE FLOW were days spent with my invited guests: Marta Teresa Szamburska, Anita Kwiatkowska and Kogiel Mogiel (Paja, Martinez). Our presence has become the sphere of openness, interconnection, exchange of experience but above all, enjoying the moments of common flow in creation.

After two weeks in the gallery, the work was transformed into an installation entitled FOLLOW THE FLOW.
The composition of woven network stands for never-ending connections and QR codes are a library of data moments, the card index of live intermedia images.
Those parts that we assumed were located next to each other actually enter each other, as each one of them is subject to the inner workings of the whole.
Henry Bergson, Time and Free Will

To find a balance in a constantly changing reality means to follow the flow, to be open, light and to draw in trust with every present moment with awareness that everything is connected.

some samples of QR codes

THE FLOW CICLE part of the FOLLOW THE FLOW installation
AP, 1/1
2011, Warsaw
2 x 100/70 cm – 200/70 cm
1. BLACK GOLD, three prints, black reflective paper
2. RED BROWN, three prints, brown reflective paper
3. WHITE BLACK, three prints, white bristol paper
4. BROWN YELLOW, five prints, brown bristol paper
5. BLACK YELLOW, five prints, white bristol paper, serigraphy painted
6. YELLOW BROWN, five prints, white bristol paper
7. OCHER YELLOW, five prints, ocher bristol paper
8. GOLD YELLOW, four prints, gold reflective paper
9. YELLOW GOLD, four prints, gold reflective paper
10. WHITE BROWN, five prints, white bristol paper
11. SILVER YELLOW, five prints, silver chromolux paper
12. WHITE YELLOW, three prints, white bristol paper
13. GRAY SILVER, two prints, gray bristol paper
14. BROWN WHITE, four prints, white bristol paper
15. WHITE SILVER, three prints, white bristol paper
16. WHITE GOLD, four prints, white bristol paper
17. ORANGE GOLD, three prints, orange chromolux paper
18. SILVER GOLD, two-sided image
first side: three prints, silver chromolux paper
second side: three prints, gray bristol paper
19. RED SILVER, two-sided image
first side: six prints, silver chromolux paper
second side: one print, silver chromolux paper
2 x 100/60 cm – 200/60 cm
20. RED BROWN, five prints, white bristol paper, serigraphy painted