Original works of drawings created in 2015 for the Gallery Scene visualization of the Awkward Happiness preformance was the begining of this work cycle. I made the visualization which has become a signe of relationship. It was created by developing a system of forms arises from layouts of bodies.
Image in this scene for the actors is a moment of confrontation with themselves and with pressure between them. Emotions, the volatility and fragility of feelings is a results of tensions in their relations.

Techniques of drawing and serigraphy take into attention a discovery of the layers of meaning.
By applying and stripping facture, lines and stains I cared to preserve a certain conventionality of forms and at the same time do not define them.
I point to the continuous transformation of the human personality and thus the inevitable variability of the relationships. The imposition of scheme or think about what is guessed to another person leads to unwillingness of reading over and over again. To be in the relationship is to be in constant openness, to be in constant curiosity and attention on the other person.

Part of group exhibition SIDE EFFECT – meg janus, Anita Kwiatkowska, Krzysztof Olszewski
Konduktorownia, Częstochowa, Poland, 2016.