LOVE IS IN THE AIR – site specific
Neverland, Nowina, Henryków, Poland, 2017 / work in progress.

Big thanks to Jerzy Trawiński.

A specific warm, louminous Place in Neverland and Flamingo as a symbol of Love was an inspiration for this work.

for small pieces
rend and mix
turn into mud
soft mass elastic matter
do not hurry
so in an instant
in molecules
know nothing
and shine

Flaming is associated with a symbol of light. It inhabits the zone of warm and hot climates. It prefers warm or even tropical regions, but it can handle temperatures up to – 30 degrees. Due to its color, it is called a fiery bird. It transmits the ability to experience love in truth. Flaming helps to increase sensitivity to all nature, expanding the perspective of perception. As a bird that can stand on one leg, it gives the gift of inner peace and balance. It teaches view in everything positive sides regardless of the situation.