LIQUID WAY TO ACTION – Studio Matejka 
Forest base of the Grotowski Institute, Brzezinka, Poland, 2013

Workshop Trailer

photo. Karol Jarek

The final action in the performance is often the result of a long transformation of an idea or intuition. It seems there is not one fixed way to reach the action. The path we choose can be stable and yet fluid at the same time. In this work session of the Liquid Way to Action we search for the fusion of the creative training developed through our extensive research with the performers. We strive for individual experiences, in order to uncover a unique and personal form of expression through the body and voice.

We will use as a starting point the theme of contradictions as a source of research for the performer. Contradictions are not a limitation, but rather, by focusing simultaneously on opposite ideas, they open doorways for the inner, primal sources of the body to resonate and flow through opposing ideas. The world exists as a dynamic fusion of contradictions in which the performer is able to discover a path to his total essence. Through a laboratory model that seeks to break the borders between dance, theatre, movement and voice, we aim to unlock the potentialities for beginnings, where action is born.