International festival (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland), Neverland, Nowina, Henryków, Poland, 2014
Photography: Alexandra Bury, Agnieszka Ćwieląg, meg janus

Together with the participants we left traces after the activity. Traces of our presence and the memory of a joint connection. We formed a connection with each other and with the earth where we recorded ourselves for a while. The remnants of imprints were the basis for my creation and series of works, under the same titles which were presented in the festival area for a couple of days.

DANCE OF RED THREAD – performative group action and the cycle of works

Participants were connected with a red thread. The thread itself stands for communication and relationships. It makes a common experience possible. It can support you, provide safety, be a construction for the participants, but it also expects something in return.


Enter to another world is to enter into a secret, it can hide so much labyrinths and corners, so many mysteries and unknowns.
Ryszard Kapuściński, The Shadow of the Sun

TOTEM – performative group action for children and the cycle of works

Totem and Dance of the Red Thread made me realize the power of art when it comes to supporting communities and places where those people reside. Thus, light-footed, we often enter problematic areas, where the feelings that are born and their creative expressions mean much more than intellectual debates.