she is not here
she is in the illusion which she creates live
stained space
found area
getting nicer
not to be name
not to be explore
from the shadows of the trees on the wall
a painting
from a dream about freedom
from destiny
from a coincidence that it is not
you were shaped by the light
the harsh sunlight
narrowed eyes
forms change
dreams are being drawn
the image from the walls ran outside
it spun
reality and unreality mixed in the moment
shimmering, magical picture of nature
she does not pass the sand
what is inside of it circulates in wind blasting around her
when the wind stops, it falls and blends into the interior
we can say that the body changes in a sandbox
but also, at the same time, it unites with the desert
and in the desert there are no sandboxes
there is an unlimited space that draws her
and in it she is forfeit
i close my eyes
stay until I fall asleep
you narrate
i am there all the time
you surround me with branches
you give warmth when you become the sun
you bring me to the beginning of being
i am no longer look for myself
total being and complete non-being
my soul escapes
like a butterfly and a moth to the light
it will not happen again
to disappear
to dematerialize
let the universe absorb me
to become the universe